How to Manage Rapid or Unexpected Growth

How to Manage Rapid or Unexpected Growth

cfo podcast scale unbreakable systems Jul 26, 2023

Rapid growth is something that we all desire as business owners. However, often times we aren’t set up in our businesses to handle this growth in an effective manner, neither systemically nor emotionally. The tips that I have for you today should help you think about your business and identify the weak points that may need improvement in the event of unexpected growth. 


The key takeaways from this episode are:

1. Rapid business growth requires effective preparation both systemically and emotionally.
2. Identify and improve weak points in your business to handle unexpected growth effectively.
3. Develop the right mindsets, financial infrastructure, and strategic thinking in advance to successfully manage rapid growth.


What you’ll hear in this episode:

[1:15] What are some common challenges that businesses incur when they have a rapid growth spurt?
[2:37] What are some mindsets that you need to have in place if you are to experience rapid growth?
[5:01] Build a proper financial infrastructure.
[7:15] Make sure that you understand the cash flow in your business.
[11:02] Start thinking strategically about your business now, not when you start growing rapidly.


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