How to grow your cash flow for business longevity.

"Revenue is vanity,
profit is sanity, but

cash is king."


Create Business Longevity for $59


The Impact of Cash Flow...


1️⃣ 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems - US Bank

2️⃣ The average small business has only 27 days of cash reserves - JPMorgan Chase Institute

3️⃣ 29% of small business owners report cash flow as their biggest challenge - Fundera

4️⃣ 61% of small businesses have experienced cash flow issues - Intuit

5️⃣ 63% of small businesses faced financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic - Federal Reserve Bank


What You'll Learn


Profit vs. Cash Flow

Because the difference matters for decision making & growth.

How to Measure

Cash Flow

You can't focus on what you don't track.

How Cash Flows in Your Business

Learn the 3 key ways + what is burning up your cash.

Guided Cash Flow Exercises & Templates

You can (and will) be a champion of scaling your cash flow!


Get Instant Access to Endless Ca$h for $59.

And start taking real, tangible action towards increasing your cash flow.

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Strong cash flow provides visibility, stability, and flexibility in your business, enabling you to plan your spending, prioritize investments, meet financial obligations, and take advantage of growth opportunities.  

I want to grow!

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Business Financial Quickstarter

Jump start your business to financial success.

Get guidance on setup steps for your LLC, bank and credit card accounts as well as tax planning tools and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas and questions.

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How to Pay Yourself

For the S or C Corp Owner

This mini-course teaches you how to compute your reasonable salary and run payroll as an owner of an S or C Corp.

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Endless Cash

How to Grow your Cash Flow for Business Longevity

This mini-course teaches you how to forecast your cash flow and cash needs.

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