This isn't just about tax savings; it's about making a strategic choice that aligns with your business goals and ambitions.




If you're a business owner making at least $50,000/yr in profit (with up-to-date bookkeeping), you're likely leaving thousands of dollars on the table if you haven't yet elected S Corp for your business.   

Let's Fix That.


Unsure if you qualify? 

Not sure where to start? 

We're got you covered.


No fluff, just actionable steps to turbocharge your finances. 

Our S Corp Success Plan is your FREE ticket to smarter tax savings, and more money in your pocket.


Simple, tailored guidance, from determining your salary to managing payroll. Follow our plan to ensure you implement the S Corp structure effectively.


I'm Ready to Save $$ on Taxes!

Here's What You Can Expect From This Program:


Personalized Assessment: Quickly determine if S Corp fits your business for long-term success.

Filing Made Easy: Simplified, step-by-step guidance on electing S Corp status—no paperwork puzzles.

Salary Analysis: Use our tool to find your ideal salary, blending tax savings with legal compliance.

Payroll Simplified: Easy to follow guide for simple payroll setup and flawless execution.

Ongoing Compliance: Stay compliant and save continuously.

Why wait? Start your FREE S Corp Success Plan now, and start turning those profits up a notch.

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Meet Shannon, Your Guide to All Things S Corp

A teacher at heart, Shannon found herself excelling in the accounting world, but wanted to fulfill a burning desire to empower small business owners through knowledge of the financial aspects of business and have a bit more fun along the way.

She has a unique ability to make financial topics approachable and relatable. She learned a lot about money as a child and so she teaches the way she learned - by SIMPLIFYING concepts so they make sense.

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