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Get expert advice at an affordable price for early-stage entrepreneurs


Your business finances should be a source of INSPIRATION, not INTIMIDATION.

In your early stages of business, the financial stuff seems so COMPLICATED, so avoid it or try to hire someone to do it, 


...you aren't getting the insight you need to make sound decisions to grow.

... your CPA gives you jargon-filled answers (if they even respond at all!)

... you don't feel ready yet to hire that person to help you.

 Or maybe you have a CPA, but you don't actually know what you're paying them to do. They just handle it all, right?


Truth is - no one cares more about your money or your business than YOU. Even when you hire out, the buck still stops with you to make the decisions that set the course of your business. 

Most of the time, your CPA is paid to PUBLISH your story, but not to CHANGE how the story actually ends.

It's time to have someone on YOUR SIDE OF THE TABLE to bridge the gap between their expertise and yours.

We know a dedicated CFO isn't typically an accessible resource to business owners making below $500K in revenue... UNTIL NOW.

Introducing CFO ON DEMAND

Your monthly resource to help you turn your financial data into decisions so you can grow and scale faster with confidence


A fractional CFO or accountant should provide confidence, empowerment and peace of mind. Many of them do, but the best pros come at a hefty price point, and make you pay a high monthly fee that is inaccessible to your current income.

So, where do you get the right guidance at a reasonable investment?

Starting at just $49 a month, CFO On Demand provides the instant support you need, without the sting of a high monthly retainer. PLUS you can try it FREE for 30 days risk-free and cancel anytime.

Not only that, we believe in the value of privacy, so this is NOT a group mastermind community where you need to air your private matters for all to see. You can ask questions, free of judgment, direct to your CFO in a private channel. Not only that, you get access to member-only trainings and insights.

YOU decide how much you want to share. Numbers are uncomfortable enough... we get it.

Whether you want to bring your financial statements to discuss, brainstorm a new pricing model, or even learn what to ask your bookkeeper, CFO On Demand is here to support you.

Options to help you accelerate your growth



($49/mo or $499/yr)

  • Private CFO questions DM channel for your business
  • CFO tips weekly broadcast from Shannon
  • Monthly live trainings¬†to grow your business to the next level
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Basic Yearly



($99/mo or $999/yr)

  • Everything included in BASIC plus on-demand bookings for private 20-minute 1:1 sessions for specific questions, financial statement reviews, etc.

(Limited to 20 people - almost full!)

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VIP Yearly

It's not just about staying out of trouble.


 CFO On Demand is an accessible level of strategic support for ambitious early stage business owners looking to build a 7-figure business.

Private Questions. Public Benefit.

Ask questions free of jargon or judgment and benefit from the answers others are receiving. Learn the answers to questions you don't even have yet!

Reach New Levels

We want to partner with you as you grow and make sure you are making solid decisions every step of the way. Get there faster with the right guidance.

Be Better Prepared

Reduce your stress around tax season with year-round planning and support. Your CPA will thank you for being so prepared and may even reduce your fees!

Sounds great, but what questions would I even ask a CFO?

Here are some great examples of frequently asked questions:

How should I be deducting business meals? Are there limits on what I can deduct?

Am I paying myself correctly and am I paying myself enough?

Should I be considering an S Corp for my business?

How do I apply for a loan as a business owner? What should I have prepared?

How much cash should I have in my bank account?

How do I actually pay my taxes online?

I want to hire my first employee. Can you explain how payroll works?


Shannon not only answered all of my questions, but she also explained strategies and decisions and tax issues in a way that finally made sense. 

- Keynote Speaker, Client

Shannon is incredibly knowledgeable while also being able to talk in a completely relatable way. 

- Digital Product Creator, Client

Meet Shannon, Your New CFO

A teacher at heart, Shannon found herself excelling in the accounting world, but wanted to fulfill a burning desire to empower small business owners through knowledge of the financial aspects of business and have a bit more fun along the way.

She has a unique ability to make financial topics approachable and relatable. She learned a lot about money as a child and so she teaches the way she learned - by SIMPLIFYING concepts so they make sense.

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How does this work if I already have an accountant who does my taxes? While we won't be doing your taxes, we will gladly provide tools and resources you can provide or implement with your pro to enhance the value you get from their services and your experience working with them.

Is there a limit on how many VIP sessions I can book? We limit 1:1 sessions to one per month. We want to give ample opportunity for everyone to schedule calls. Feel free to check the calendar for short notice cancellations and availability.  
Will Shannon review my financial statements? Yes. If you are a VIP, you can book a private 1:1 block to review your financials so you get more comfortable understanding them.
Is there a minimum time commitment? No. The service is simply month-to-month. Cancel anytime and access will be removed. Our goal is that you outgrow the need for this and work with us or another fantastic fractional CFO! 
Does this replace my accountant? No. The optimal solution for early stage business owners is the CFO On Demand access to talk out ideas, questions and challenges and working with your own professionals to compile and file your reports.