Why We Don't Hire Financial Help Fast Enough with Tanya Smith

Why We Don't Hire Financial Help Fast Enough with Tanya Smith

podcast sales Jun 05, 2023

Today, I have a unique style of episode in store for you. We'll engage in a candid conversation with a business owner and delve into a question that I often have for new entrepreneurs: Why do they wait to hire a tax strategist for their business?

Joining us for this discussion is Tanya Smith, a friend I met in the Brand Builders group. Tanya brings with her a wealth of experience as a branding and visual communications expert. She is the founder of WorkStory Creative™ and holds the title of Certified Personal Branding Strategist for Brand Builders Group.

Throughout our conversation, Tanya will offer her perspective on my question, drawing from her own journey of starting a business and where she finds herself today. She will shed light on why she chose to delay seeking assistance with her finances until a later stage in her entrepreneurial journey.


The key takeaways from this episode are:

1. The hesitation of new business owners in seeking tax strategy assistance: Tanya Smith, a branding and visual communications expert, joins the discussion to shed light on why new entrepreneurs often delay hiring a tax strategist or seeking advice from accountants. The episode explores the reasons behind this hesitation and provides insights into the challenges faced by new business owners when it comes to their finances.
2. Recognizing the need for additional financial help: One key aspect discussed is how new business owners can identify when it's time to bring in additional assistance for their financial strategy. Tanya shares her perspective on this matter, drawing from her own entrepreneurial journey. Listeners can gain valuable insights into recognizing the signs that indicate the need for professional help in managing their finances effectively.
3. Improving the presence and offerings of accountants: The episode also explores the role of branding and how accountants can enhance their presence and clarify their offerings from a branding standpoint. Tanya provides suggestions and perspectives on how accountants can better appeal to early-stage business owners and meet their needs more effectively.


What you’ll hear in this episode:
[4:00] Why do new business owners hesitate to invest in tax strategy and advice from accountants?
[10:05] How does a new business owner know when it is time to start bringing in additional help with their financial strategy?
[14:05] How to identify what kind of help you need in the early stages of your business.
[19:50] From a branding standpoint, how can accountants improve their presence and clarify their offerings?
[27:30] What can accountants do better to appeal more to early-stage business owners?


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