Turning Tweets to Customers with JK Molina

Turning Tweets to Customers with JK Molina

podcast sales Feb 23, 2023

You may be tempted to think that Twitter is not the greatest place to monetize your brand, or the greatest place to show up right now. But we're going to be talking about that in today's episode and how you as a business owner can actually monetize your Twitter, use it a little bit more thoughtfully and actually create a strategy that is built around Twitter if it is a preferred platform for you.

I've brought JK Molina to share his expertise. JK is a Twitter expert and founder of Tweet Hunter, which he scaled to a $1.5 million a year business and 15 months. He says that if you want to grow your Twitter audience, he's not your guy. But if you want to monetize your Twitter audience, welcome.

Together, we're unpacking all of the types of things that you can do to create a business a thriving business, utilizing Twitter as a platform and a tool in your business. We're diving into solid strategies, different ways to monetize your account, and selling tactics that work well on Twitter!


"The universal currency for respect is effort. It doesn't matter what level you're in. If you're putting in work and effort, everybody will respect you across the spectrum."


In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to monetize Twitter to generate a seven-figure exit
2. Strategies for creating content to build trust with an audience and increase ROI
3. How to price services for entrepreneurs with small followings to maximize revenue.


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • The value of a follower isn’t the same as the number of followers.
  • How to start conversations with people.
  • Tactical ways to monetize on the platform.
  • How Twitter can be a powerful asset to your business.


Here are some brief snippets from this episode:

Not all followers are created equal. The value of the follower is really, how did you get it. Instead of talking about what other people have done, I talk about what I have done in a more humble way. You approach social media in a different way.

People realize that the absolutes don't work. When you present one way of doing something and you're inflexible, you repel a lot of people who appreciate the nuance and want to understand a bit deeper.

Every piece of content you send is really aimed to accomplish one thing. What they do is build trust. The best thing you can do is just talk about things you've already done. Eventually people buy, but you don't get to choose one.

How specific do people get on these platforms? I feel like everyone is either too broad or they're so niche down that it's ridiculously specific. What do you think is a good, healthy balance of niching down?

The price of your offer or whatever you're selling is inversely correlated to how big your audience is. At 30, I recommend going from instead of done for you, which is the agency service or service in the beginning. When you get to seven figures or like a big following, that's like do it yourself.

How do you use Twitter to monetize? The target is to get between ten and month. Focus on conversation. People don't actually stick to the legion. If they just did, they would make money.

With all the changes made recently, do you think the platform is going to change at all in how we interact with it? If anything, people say that elon changed a lot of it growing tooth. But as a creator, it's actually going to help you because attention is good.

Twitter is a very forgiving platform. It allows you to make decisions more confident, knowing that if I record a YouTube video on this, it's going to hit. You're not on Twitter for acquisition, you're in Twitter for network building. If you combine those two, those can be very powerful assets to your business.

Twitter is going to expand more and the use of it is more than just your. If you'd like to monetize your audience, welcome. The best way to do that is to build trust, show up and be reliable. 


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