Tips for Negotiating Business Deals

Tips for Negotiating Business Deals

business cfo negotiation podcast May 26, 2023

I am discussing the importance of negotiation in business and some tips to help you get ahead. Research and preparation are essential before entering any negotiation. Understanding the other party's position and alternatives can help you prepare. It's also crucial to understand who holds more leverage when going into the conversation.

Another critical aspect of negotiating a deal is to not fixate on price but rather on the overall value that a deal can bring. And remember, think long-term. Look beyond short-term gains and consider the potential long-term value of the agreement. Don't be afraid to walk away from a deal that doesn't benefit both parties. Sometimes, focusing on building a strong relationship is more valuable than the immediate deal.

Join me in this episode of "Keep What You Earn" to master negotiation strategies and thrive in the complex world of business negotiations.


The key takeaways from this episode are:

1. Research and preparation are crucial: Before entering any negotiation, it is important to invest time in researching and preparing. Understanding the other party's position, alternatives, and leverage can provide you with a competitive advantage during the negotiation process.
2. Focus on value, not just price: Instead of fixating solely on the price, it is advisable to consider the overall value that a deal can bring. Looking beyond short-term gains and considering the potential long-term value of the agreement can lead to more beneficial outcomes.
3. Building strong relationships is valuable: Sometimes, prioritizing the establishment of a strong relationship with the other party is more important than securing an immediate deal. The episode emphasizes the significance of considering the relationship aspect and not being afraid to walk away from a deal that does not benefit both parties. 


What you’ll hear in this episode:
[0:50] Many aspects of business are negotiations, whether you realize this or not.
[2:00] Do your homework and research before entering into any negotiation
[4:28] Know who has more leverage when entering into the conversation.
[6:00] Be prepared to walk away from a deal if it is not mutually beneficial.
[8:00] Sometimes it is more beneficial to focus on the relationship with a person, than the deal at hand.
[9:40] Focus on value, not price.
[12:22] Try to not focus on the short-term outlook when negotiating, try to focus on the potential long-term value of the deal.


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