The Importance of Communicating Expectations in Business

The Importance of Communicating Expectations in Business

basics podcast May 15, 2023

We often find ourselves disappointed when our expectations are not met, but have we set proper expectations in the first place? It's important to ensure that we have realistic expectations for the services we hire and the customers we serve.

One key to setting proper expectations is to communicate them upfront. This means being clear about what we can and cannot provide, as well as any limitations or conditions that may apply. By doing so, we can avoid misunderstandings and disappointment down the road.

We also need to be prepared to communicate any changes in expectations proactively and speak up whenever we feel that something is not aligning with our expectations. By doing so, we can address issues before they escalate and potentially damage the relationship.

By taking the time to assess past experiences, we can learn and grow, ensuring that our expectations are better aligned in the future.


The key takeaways from this episode are:
1. Setting proper expectations is key to avoiding disappointment and misunderstandings in business and customer service interactions.
2. Communicating expectations upfront and any changes proactively is important for ensuring that both parties are aligned.
3. Reflection on past experiences can help us improve communication and align expectations in future interactions.


What you'll hear in this episode:
[1:15] Your expectations may not be met by someone providing a service, but did you actually have proper expectations for the service you hired?
[2:00] Ensure that you have proper expectations set for your business and customers.
[4:27] Communicate expectations up front
[6:30] Communicate any changes in expectations proactively, so both parties are aligned.
[9:15] Communicate whenever you feel that something is not aligning with expectations
[11:30] Reflect back on a previous interaction where your expectations were not met. Did you follow the guidance in this episode or would it have been possible to have improved the interaction with proper communication?


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