LinkedIn Strategies that Work with Katie McKiever

LinkedIn Strategies that Work with Katie McKiever

podcast sales Jan 05, 2023

I'm not going to lie, when I started my business, I was super skeptical about joining LinkedIn as a business. I've since gotten into a good rhythm but this interview with Katie McKiever still reframed my perspective on how LinkedIn can be used for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Katie McKiever has vast social media, communications, and content marketing expertise. For more than twelve years, she has specifically worked in social media marketing, previously managing social media teams for multiple multi-million dollar organizations and one multi-billion dollar organization. Now, she builds creative social media solutions for growing brands as a sought-after consultant.

She has single-handedly crafted tens of thousands of social media posts, brought tens of millions of impressions, and millions of dollars in earned media and direct business value through the content that she has created for brands’ social media channels. Katie has trained hundreds of individuals in social media best practices.


"If you're smart and strategic and really make smart decisions via the data, you can build a six figure business for yourself, even if you don't have the biggest following." - Katie McKiever


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Who is Katie?
  • Why LinkedIn is such an underrated platform right now.
  • How to get started on LinkedIn
  • How Katie has used LinkedIn tangibly to attract new clients.
  • How to lead with service and use your unique gifts.
  • How to build out your LinkedIn profile.
  • If creating content is overwhelming, these questions are just the questions you have to answer. 


Here are some brief snippets from this episode:

Interview with Katie McKiever reframed for me what LinkedIn is all about and how to leverage it for my business. She has a vast social media communications and content marketing background. You're going to pick up so many tangible tips from this interview and be able to take them away.

Katie McKiever is a social media expert who helps businesses grow on social media. She says people often get caught up in vanity metrics instead of focusing on what is actually moving the needle. If you're not keeping up with social media, you need to be smart with your strategy.

Today we're going to talk about a particular platform. I believe LinkedIn is it can be perceived as an underrated platform. For the people who are fearful of social media, LinkedIn is a really safe and smart place to get started.

People go onto the platform with business in mind. You are just one click away from any decision maker on LinkedIn. The most underrated way for LinkedIn right now is the algorithm. Post a chunk of your feed that is also engaged with your connections.

Long form content can do well on LinkedIn. Use your strengths and find platforms that really pull on your strengths. Is there anyone who should not be on LinkedIn? It's about giving and being a service.

Start with one platform, pick one and lock it in for at least three months. At least commit to showing up weekly, hopefully more for three months on one platform. After three months, then you can move, add a platform.

Personal profiles on LinkedIn get a lot more traction than company profiles now. If you are a solopreneur or small team, you can absolutely build a business page for yourself. The easiest way to get started with building out content for yourself on your personal profile is next week.

LinkedIn operates much like Facebook. You're just adding a post and hitting publish. So that's all you're doing here on LinkedIn. Perfect.

You have something you learned this week, whether it was about your business, you have something in your industry. Your second post next week is something you are proud of. The way to go about any of these posts is to add value in some way.

The third post that you can do next week is something you found interesting. Those are also amazing journal prompts. The first week might be weird, second week might still feel weird. But once you get going, it will get so much easier.

Every week I put together a newsletter which is just a rundown of the latest social media platform updates. I cover Pinterest YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, facebook. It's for everybody from the solopreneur to large organizations. I hope you guys will jump in and subscribe to her newsletter.

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