Lessons From 120 Women Leaders with Julia Boorstin

Lessons From 120 Women Leaders with Julia Boorstin

mindset podcast Jan 03, 2023

Julia Boorstin is CNBC’s Senior Media & Tech Correspondent and has been an on-air reporter for the network since 2006. In 2013, she created and launched the CNBC Disruptor 50, an annual list she oversees, highlighting private companies transforming the economy and challenging companies in established industries.

She also helped launch the network’s ‘Closing the Gap’ initiative covering the people and companies closing gender and diversity gaps. A graduate of Princeton University, she has been a reporter for Fortune magazine, as well as a contributor to CNN and CNN Headline News.

More recently, she authored the book When Women Lead, and that's what we'll be talking about today! Women leaders all over the world are succeeding, not in spite of but, because of their unique strengths and personality traits. Tune in to hear what we can learn from the women leaders and founders that Julia has interviewed.


"No one is born amazing. That archetype of this I always joke it's like Athena bursting fully formed from the head of Zeus, or like Mark Zuckerberg bursting out fully formed from a Harvard dorm room. Like, that's just a myth, right? Those are myths. That is not reality. All these women had a massive growth mindset."


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • About Julia’s new book “When Women Lead”.
  • What were some of the key patterns that you started to see as you were interviewing all of these women?
  • Why women are more likely to build companies with purpose than men.
  • Are there any common traits that you could distill down to say the woman I interviewed has this trait or this approach?
  • The importance of shifting the conversation away from what men have done wrong to what women have done right in business.
  • How the research about double standards has empowered her.
  • How can we cultivate a culture that supports women in leadership? 


Here are some brief snippets from this episode:

Julia Boorstin is CNBC's Senior at Media and Tech Correspondent. Most recently, she is the author of When Women Lead. She talks about the power of women in leadership. Listen all the way through for a special offer if you want to grab a copy of her book.

I just won an audiobook award for When Women Lead, myself. It was the Earphones Award winner, the best audiobook for business and finance from Audio File magazine. I really loved recording the audio book. It reminded me the importance of pushing oneself out of your comfort zone.

CNBC's John Defterios has written a book about women in business. He says these women offer a different kind of model for leadership. Now is a moment for us all to be paying attention to different ways to succeed, he says.

The book is broken down into three sections. The first is how and why women build strong companies. The second is looking at how women are more likely to build with purpose. The third is leading with empathy.

The second section of the book is how women fix problems. In that chapter, I look at how women are doing the Sarah Blakely thing. And then my last chapter is about managing in crisis. I'm optimistic that the data will overcome bias and we will start to see more change.

Everyone is incredibly different, and these women are incredibly diverse. But there were some key commonalities they all had in massive growth mindset. An executing on a growth mindset is about the perfect balance of humility and confidence.

Christine Hunziger - People were really reflective during the pandemic. She says you can have a better and more effective growth mindset if you know who you are and what motivates you. She suggests taking traits that are traditionally associated with flaws and redefining them as strengths.

Julia Roberts' new book is about women innovators who have defied odds. Roberts believes it's time to shift the conversation away from what men have done wrong to what women are doing right. She has been on a book tour talking to women around the country.

Research about double standards has empowered me to understand when comments have nothing to do with me. She says knowing when to divide the content from the noise is so liberating. It's so important to keep trying new things and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

I wanted to put these 40 pages of endnotes to show the breadth and wealth of data showing the value of diversity. One study shows how if you have outsider perspective, it actually makes the people in the homogeneous dominant group smarter. Companies need to realize they need to make their whole organization smarter.

Julia says she hopes women will read her book When Women Lead or listen to the Audiobook. She says the stories in the book can serve as a mirror for women. Says the traits and the way they succeed is actually with ordinary approaches.

We talked about priorities, what your priorities are that's different than your professional goals. Please share on social media and let people know what your biggest takeaway was from Julia today. Do you want to explore more about the topics discussed in today's episode?


Connect with Julia on IG @juliaboorstin

Order a copy of her book, When Women Lead: shorturl.at/brMSX


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