Getting Out of Your Own Way with Lindsey Mango

Getting Out of Your Own Way with Lindsey Mango

mindset podcast Mar 21, 2023

Whether we like to admit it or not sometimes the number one thing holding us back from the success, business, and life that we dream of, is ourselves. And we don't even realize we're doing it sometimes, but self sabotage, comparison, and overthinking can really hinder our journey forward. That's why I wanted to bring Lindsey Mango on! To really unpack what helped her reach her potential and how she helps her clients do the same.

Lindsey is a mindset guru and coach who helps women change the way they think, act, show up, and take action so they can become the woman that they're meant to be. She's passionate about this work because six years ago, she found herself with a life that looked picture perfect on paper, but felt like something was missing. She knew she was capable of having so much more in every aspect of her life but even after taking tons of action, she found herself stuck in the same spot.

It wasn't until she met a life coach that she understood that her mind was her biggest roadblock. Within six months, she completely changed her life. She left a relationship. She started a coaching business. She replaced her corporate salary and created the life she used to daydream about. Today, she's built a coaching business that's generated over $2 million in revenue, serves hundreds of clients to create lives and businesses they're obsessed with. The way that she carries herself and the thoughtfulness and intention of this conversation is something that you're going to love to dive into.


"I realized that I was the common denominator to every single result in my life and that I was the problem. But I was able to see that because I was the problem, that meant I was the solution."

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to Create a Life and Business that Blows Your Mind. 
2. Overcoming Fear and Discomfort to Achieve Success. 
3. Transforming Your Identity to Create Different Results.


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Learning how to honor your identity.
  • How do you battle the comparison trap?
  • Take inspiration, but not too much influence.
  • Advice for those who are just getting started.
  • What comes first, confidence or results?

Here are some brief snippets from this episode:

The Enneagram Three struggle with the idea that the habit itself is the solution. When you say I'm the problem, it's more like responsibility. Blame is not responsibility. You just have to own it and move forward with it.

In three months, I noticed a massive change. I wasn't making decisions based on what I really wanted. The other thing was really my identity. Some other pieces were just understanding, like fear and discomfort. Can you articulate how you felt that change?

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with the comparison trap. The first thing is in dealing with it is having compassion for yourself. Second thing is focusing on and celebrating and looking at all the things you've accomplished. It's just a simple shift in focus.

A lot of times we assume that other people don't have the human fears, thoughts, failures, experiences that we do. Take inspiration but not too much influence. Use jealousy as an opportunity.

I practice a whole lot of constraint. The way you become a leader in business isn't by doing what everybody else is doing. It's by following your best answers and what's in alignment for you.

People always think, I have to make the money or have the body in order to start showing up as the person I want to be. The solution to creating what you're asking to create is being that person ahead of time. I think that confidence comes from courage.

You can use your I like to use track record to breed confidence as well and use reflection. Reminding yourself of how far along in the journey you are. Instead of focusing on what you haven't accomplished and the results you don't have. You can create confidence by changing your focus.


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