Fire Yourself to Find Success with Laura Casselman

Fire Yourself to Find Success with Laura Casselman

podcast Dec 12, 2023

Are you ready to stoke the flames of success and ignite a transformative spark in your entrepreneurial journey? 🌟

In this week’s "Keep What You Earn" podcast, episode 450, we welcomed the indomitable Laura Casselman, CEO of and co-founder of Vita Street LLC, into a conversation that's bound to change your approach to business growth, leadership, and life itself!

πŸŽ™οΈ "Fire Yourself to Find Success with Laura Casselman" brought forth a treasure trove of real-life insights that can dramatically shape your mindset and strategies for climbing that corporate ladder or scaling your own empire.

What You'll Uncover in EP450:

✨ The Art of Advocacy: Laura's journey from a dancer to a corporate game-changer, illustrating the power of advocacy and voice in the workplace.

πŸ’° Name Your Price: A groundbreaking approach to hiring - Laura discusses why allowing potential hires to name their salaries can ignite motivation and loyalty.

πŸ”— Breaking Barriers: Learn how to challenge gender biases in salary negotiations, and why fostering a 'girl code' culture nurtures progress and unity.

πŸ“£ Speak Up: Master the strategies to assert your voice effectively, without compromising respect or professional relationships.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Roadmapping Success: Discover the significance of having a clear vision, setting precise goals, and intentionally planning your career trajectory.

πŸ”„ The 90-Day CEO Refresh: Laura's hack for constant renewal and growth - "fire yourself" every 90 days to continually innovate and scale your responsibilities.

🌐 Get Connected: Reach out to Laura after the episode for deeper engagement and personalized advice!

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This episode is a melting pot of experiences offering potent advice and tips for everyone, especially women navigating the sometimes shark-infested waters of the corporate world. Learn from Laura's remarkable experience how to elevate your mindset, advocate for fair pay, and ultimately, fire yourself to find your greatest success.

Listen to the episode now and make sure to share your thoughts and aha-moments with us on Instagram using #KeepWhatYouEarnEP450. We can't wait to hear how Laura's journey and insights influence your next big moves!

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Keep conquering, keep thriving, and remember to Keep What You Earn.

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