Facebook Ads Strategies that Work with Daria Kotenko

Facebook Ads Strategies that Work with Daria Kotenko

podcast sales Feb 21, 2023

When it comes to Facebook ads, I feel like it's the Wild Wild West. I get super confused by how to strategize with them! It almost feels like trying to win a game at the casino; it feels like the house always wins or that you're trying to somehow fight this uphill battle. This is why I've brought Daria Kotenko on.

Daria is a Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategist and the founder of Yellow Iris Marketing. She is on a mission to help business owners amplify their magic and scale their businesses with the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads.

I'm asking a ton of questions of Daria out of genuine curiosity, because Facebook ads feel super confusing to me! We're talking about boosting posts, simple Facebook ads strategies you can implement today, and common mistakes people make. I got the chance to better understand Facebook ads for myself and for my clients through this conversation and I'm sure you will too!


"Ads either give you results or they give you data. In the long term, the data is just as valuable as the results."


In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to successfully use Facebook and Instagram Ads to scale a business without working full time.
2. The difference between Boosting a post and using proper Facebook Ads to target a specific audience.
3. Exploring the low-cost and creative ways to use Ads for high ticket offers.


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Who ads would be good for?
  • The two phases of ad success.
  • What are the best strategies for low-ticket vs high-ticket sales via ads?
  • What are some of the metrics you can use to know if your ads are working?
  • What is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen with ads?  

Here are some brief snippets from this episode:

Who should be starting to think about ads right now? 

The problem with boosting posts is you have very little control over the targeting that you can have comparatively in proper Facebook ads. 

The first point when people start thinking about ads is, I would recommend that anyone would first have some success in their business organically. The messaging is really important because a lot of people kind of have very little success with ads when their messaging is very surface-level. An ad success in two phases.

How do you recommend people navigate the upfront investment and commitment of paid ads? Is it possible to invest a little bit to try something, or do you really have to go a little deeper in to get really good feedback?

Low ticket might do better with paid ads, depending on if you're going for volume and with a cold audience. With high ticket, it's easier to make your money back. What do you think are the best strategies for low ticket versus high ticket sales via ads?

The most important metric that you can look at is your cost per result. Once you schedule your ads, first, like four to seven days, don't touch them. If you realize after a certain amount of time that they're not working, you can then switch, pull, change.

What advantages can someone have, let's say working with someone to help manage. What should be the expectation for a business owner who's like, I'm ready to hire someone. You have to have someone who can see the whole picture.

Don't boost the post. Don't try to use ads in a way that does not work with the business that you already have. Make sure that you're staying in integrity with who you are and what you believe. What works for you won't work for others, specifically the tactics.


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