Why to Use Chat Funnels in Your Social Strategy with Natasha Willis

Why to Use Chat Funnels in Your Social Strategy with Natasha Willis

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In a recent episode of the "Keep What You Earn" podcast, Shannon interviewed Natasha Willis, co-founder of School of Bots, to discuss the utilization of chat funnels in social media strategy. This innovative approach to automated messaging and conversation management has revolutionized the way businesses engage with their audience on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Natasha, with her extensive experience in leveraging chat funnels to drive revenue and engagement, sheds light on the origins and impact of this strategy. Since 2016, Natasha and her team have generated over 60 million dollars in sales, sent close to 80 million messages, and analyzed extensive data points, culminating in a wealth of insights to share.

Chat funnels essentially function as a conversational vehicle for lead generation and sales growth. By automating elements of customer support, sales interactions, and lead collection, businesses can create a more personalized and convenient experience for their audience. These automated messaging experiences have gained popularity due to their ability to foster trust and deliver valuable content to customers seamlessly.

One of the primary misconceptions about chat funnels relates to spammy or robotic interactions. Natasha emphasizes that the approach centers around permission-based automation, with the goal of leveraging technology to enhance engagement without sacrificing the personal touch. Chat funnels are designed to complement the user experience, ensuring that businesses can disseminate information and collect essential data without overwhelming their audience.

The integration of chat funnels into social media platforms, particularly Instagram, offers immense benefits for businesses. Not only does it lead to increased engagement on posts, but it also keeps users within the platform, aligning with social media algorithms' preferences. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, actively encourages businesses to utilize chat funnels, recognizing the value they bring in enhancing user experiences and keeping the audience engaged within the platform itself.

For businesses contemplating the implementation of chat funnels, Natasha outlines various use cases and scenarios where the strategy can be particularly effective. One compelling application is the facilitation of lead generation for digital products and services. By offering a free resource or "lead magnet" within the DMs, businesses can capture emails and subsequently guide users through a tailored sales journey, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and a more effective sales process.

Additionally, chat funnels provide an opportunity for businesses to seamlessly incorporate interactive elements into their content on social media. For example, leveraging a call to action within a post to drive users to comment and receive additional content via DMs enables businesses to engage their audience and gather essential information for further lead nurturing.

Importantly, the inherent flexibility and personalization of chat funnels allow businesses to craft a more organic and casual experience for their audience. By incorporating rich media such as images, videos, and voice notes, businesses can further enhance the conversational aspect of their interactions, creating a more delightful and engaging experience for their audience.

In conclusion, the utilization of chat funnels in social media strategy presents a groundbreaking opportunity for businesses to create meaningful connections with their audience, drive revenue, and streamline the lead generation process. By embracing permission-based automation and emphasizing user experience, businesses can effectively leverage chat funnels to foster trust and deliver value to their customers. As social media platforms continue to evolve, chat funnels offer a compelling avenue to stay at the forefront of engaging and retaining audiences in a dynamic digital landscape.

What you'll hear in this episode:

05:15 Core focus on sales, lead gen growth.
07:55 Current options for promoting product through Instagram.
11:46 Instagram automation is different from spamming bots.
15:48 Enhance engagement with app's native features.
19:44 Follow up with conversation to qualify leads.
23:23 Casual vibe, engaging content, creative call-to-actions suggested.

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