What is CFO On Demand?

What is CFO On Demand?

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In the latest episode of Keep What You Earn, Shannon lays the groundwork for a groundbreaking initiative designed to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs access financial expertise. Shannon, a CPA and business owner, recognized a significant gap in the level of financial help accessible to businesses at various stages of growth. She identified a common scenario where entrepreneurs found it challenging to afford professional financial help such as bookkeepers or fractional CFOs, especially in the early stages of their business journey.

This challenge inspired Shannon to devise a solution that bridges the gap between the need for financial guidance and its accessibility. The result? The birth of CFO On Demand, a game-changing approach to receiving expert financial support without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into the concept of CFO On Demand, its unique features, and the invaluable benefits it offers to entrepreneurs.

One striking aspect of CFO On Demand is its personalized approach to addressing entrepreneurs' financial queries and concerns. Shannon has created a method that allows business owners to communicate directly with her, presenting their specific financial predicaments for guidance without any judgment or financial jargon. This provides a much-needed safe space for entrepreneurs to seek advice that may otherwise be daunting to discuss openly.

What's truly remarkable about CFO On Demand is the exceptional value it offers at an incredibly affordable price point. For just $49 a month, entrepreneurs gain access to a treasure trove of financial wisdom. This includes the ability to direct message Shannon with queries, obtain personalized responses, and even take part in monthly theme-based group trainings. The fact that this level of expertise is available at such a reasonable rate is a testament to Shannon's dedication to empowering entrepreneurs through accessible financial education.

But the value doesn't end there. For those seeking an even more personalized experience, Shannon offers a VIP tier at $99 a month, providing the opportunity for members to schedule a 20-minute one-on-one session with her every month. This level of direct, personalized attention from a seasoned financial expert is a game-changer for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their financial understanding and decision-making.

CFO On Demand isn't just a membership; it's a living, breathing resource that evolves and grows along with its entrepreneur community. Shannon's vision for this initiative goes beyond providing answers to individual questions; it aims to create a platform for shared learning where entrepreneurs can benefit from each other's queries and learnings. This collective knowledge-sharing aligns perfectly with the podcast's ethos of demystifying finance while fostering an inclusive community of entrepreneurs.

The CFO On Demand initiative not only serves as an extension of the Keep What You Earn podcast but also as a testament to Shannon's unwavering commitment to simplifying money matters for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. By making expert financial guidance accessible and approachable, Shannon is empowering an entire community of entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of their finances with confidence and clarity.

In conclusion, CFO On Demand is a groundbreaking offering that stands as a testament to Shannon's passion for democratizing financial knowledge. It's a beacon of hope for entrepreneurs at all stages, providing them with the support and guidance they need to propel their businesses toward greater financial success. With CFO On Demand, entrepreneurs no longer need to view professional financial help as an unattainable luxury; instead, they can embrace it as an essential catalyst for their growth and prosperity.

What you'll hear in this episode:

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