Using Community and Personal Brand to Drive Growth with Kirsten Halik

Using Community and Personal Brand to Drive Growth with Kirsten Halik

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In this episode, we continue our exploration of how leveraging community and personal brand can drive business growth, featuring Kirsten Halik, founder of Crown Athletics.

Kirsten's journey is a testament to the power of community. She has built a supportive and enthusiastic community around her brand, organizing cheering sections at runDisney events and receiving heartwarming notes from customers. Her commitment to making customers feel special is evident: "I just love making all the runners going by feel like absolute rock stars."

Shannon and Kirsten also discuss the critical role of personal branding. Kirsten's authenticity has made her an integral part of Crown Athletics. She showcases new products on social media, providing styling tips and answering questions in live sessions. This approach has driven engagement and sales. Shannon humorously shares her experience of trying to buy one of Kirsten's new collections, comparing it to the frenzy of getting concert tickets in the past.

Building a personal brand comes with challenges. Initially, Kirsten hesitated to put herself front and center, preferring her work to speak for itself. However, she realized that personal connection drew in more customers. Kirsten was also cautious about hiring, prioritizing the alignment of new team members with her brand's values. This approach has paid off, resulting in a cohesive, dedicated team.

Balancing data with genuine engagement is also key. While individual social media comments can be overwhelming, Kirsten relies on comprehensive data to guide her decisions. She collects diverse opinions through surveys and feedback forms to ensure a broad customer base is well served. "People speak with their wallets the most," she emphasizes, highlighting the importance of sales data.

Shannon points out that validating gut feelings with data is vital. Kirsten’s experience of scaling inventory based on solid data, rather than assumptions, has led to sustained high sales and better customer experiences.

Looking ahead, Kirsten's story is an inspiring example of integrating a personal brand with community-building efforts. Her dedication, transparency, and adaptability have positioned Crown Athletics for long-term success. For anyone keen on building a strong brand, Kirsten’s journey offers invaluable lessons in engaging directly with your audience, making thoughtful hiring decisions, and balancing instinct with data-driven strategies.

If you're searching for inspiration or practical tips to build your brand, this episode with Kirsten Halik is a must-listen.

Kirsten Halik is the founder of Crowned Athletics™, a brand that combines activewear with a princess twist. Her journey began in January 2017 with a homemade prototype and a dream. Starting with handmade headbands, she launched her first tank tops, Mermaid Princess and After Midnight Princess, in the summer of 2018. This marked the beginning of Crowned Athletics™. Kirsten's passion has driven the brand's evolution, expanding the collection to include sports bras, skorts, leggings, and jackets.

Kirsten's life took a dramatic turn in college when she survived carbon monoxide poisoning, which left her in a coma for 24 hours. This experience inspired her to make a meaningful impact with her second chance at life. Struggling with depression, Kirsten discovered the importance of fitness and movement for mental health. She aims to bring the magic of working out to women, drawing inspiration from fairytale heroines. Kirsten's mission is to make women feel magical and confident through Crowned Athletics™ activewear.




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What you'll hear in this episode:

03:43 Excitement seeing product on others after long wait.
07:50 Effort to sell and show personality online.
11:41 Hiring process reveals important job priorities and values.
14:30 Increased data collection, thoughtful decision-making, efficient operations.
16:49 Social media feedback can be overwhelming for business.
20:23 Returning from run Disney fuels my passion.

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