Stop Shrinking Yourself in the Name of Saving

Stop Shrinking Yourself in the Name of Saving

podcast start - mind over money Feb 02, 2024

In the latest episode of "Keep What You Earn," Shannon opens up about her personal journey in building her business and her evolving perspective on tax strategies. As a CPA and business owner, she has spent years delving into tax savings and strategies, but she realized something crucial along the way: the focus on tax savings should not overshadow the primary goal of business growth and wealth creation.

Shannon candidly shares her internal realization about the discomfort she felt in solely prioritizing tax strategies. She emphasizes that while tax education is valuable and will continue to be a part of the podcast, it shouldn't be the top priority for most entrepreneurs. Instead, she encourages listeners to adopt an "earner's mindset," focusing on out-earning their spending and actively pursuing growth opportunities.

One of the essential points Shannon raises is about the danger of shrinking oneself in the pursuit of tax savings. She stresses that fixating on minimizing tax liabilities can hold entrepreneurs back from achieving their full potential. According to Shannon, wealth creation and business growth should take precedence over tax concerns.

Shannon further explores the misconception about moving abroad solely for tax reasons. She showcases her own decision to move to Costa Rica, explaining that while tax considerations were a part of the equation, the primary motivators were lifestyle preferences and a sense of joy. Through this example, she highlights the need to prioritize personal and professional fulfillment over tax benefits.

In addressing tax strategies, Shannon advises listeners to focus on strategic and impactful approaches rather than getting caught up in minor tax-saving tactics. She emphasizes the importance of having a proactive approach to financial planning, enabling entrepreneurs to anticipate tax liabilities and empowering them to make informed decisions.

One notable piece of advice that Shannon provides is about the significance of picking tax strategies that align with individual circumstances and avoiding replicating strategies implemented by high-profile figures like Grant Cardone. She aptly likens this to not following the diet of an Olympian when one is still in training, emphasizing the need for tailored approaches based on one's unique business goals and financial standing.

Towards the conclusion, Shannon encourages entrepreneurs to shift their mindset from simply saving on taxes to making finances work in their favor from multiple dimensions. She reinforces the idea that, as tax season approaches, it's crucial for business owners to engage in conversations with financial professionals and adopt a holistic approach to managing tax liabilities.

The podcast episode resonates with entrepreneurs at different stages of their business journeys. For new business owners, it serves as a powerful reminder to prioritize growth and wealth creation, while for established entrepreneurs, it presents an opportunity to reassess their approach to tax strategies and seek more holistic financial planning.

In summary, Shannon Weinstein's insights on "Keep What You Earn" echo a crucial message for entrepreneurs—tax strategies are essential, but they should not overshadow the primary goal of business growth and personal fulfillment. By taking a balanced and strategic approach to finances, entrepreneurs can pave the way for sustainable growth and long-term wealth creation.

The episode serves as a reminder that while tax strategies play a vital role in financial planning, they should not be the sole focus. Instead, entrepreneurs should aim to strike a balance between tax management and strategic business growth. As Shannon Weinstein concludes, the key to financial success lies in aligning tax strategies with individual goals and needs, fostering a mindset of growth and proactive financial planning.

What you'll hear in this episode:

04:37 Focus on making money, not just taxes.
06:43 Enjoy being here, taxes not a priority.
10:02 Hiring children for tax benefits requires justification.
13:23 Ensure business goals align with tax strategy.

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