How to Integrate Business Development Into Habits

How to Integrate Business Development Into Habits

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In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, it's easy to become so entrenched in the day-to-day running of your business that you neglect the very activities that ensure its growth and longevity. In this episode of "Keep What You Earn," Shannon delves deeply into the art of intertwining business development with your daily habits. By doing so, you guarantee that your business engine is always whirring, pushing you an inch forward even on the busiest days.

Consider your approach to business development as training for a marathon; consistency and persistence are key to avoiding the pitfall of stagnation or a hurried, ineffective sprint when the need for growth becomes urgent. But an inevitable question arises: How do you blend these crucial actions into your routine without feeling overwhelmed? Here are some strategies Shannon suggests that can steer you in the right direction:

### Regular Pitching

Setting a simple weekly task in your project management tools – just like Shannon with Asana – can make a huge difference. For example, by pitching to one podcast guest a week and adding several candidates to consider for future pitches, you maintain a constant flow of potential conversations that can elevate your platform and your brand.

### Engage, Engage, Engage

Engaging thoughtfully on social media for many is no longer a habit but a long-lost art. Resurrecting this art could be as straightforward as leaving a heartfelt comment or messaging a creator you appreciate. Shannon’s trick is to remind herself every few days to engage genuinely with at least three different social media accounts.

### Presence is Powerful

For physical businesses in particular, networking is non-negotiable. Attending in-person events or getting involved with local causes can amplify your presence and make your brand the go-to within your community.

### Micro-Tasks for Macro Success

Ease the burden of business development by breaking down duties into micro-tasks. Whether it's making a couple of calls a week, writing a piece of email copy, or sharing a testimonial, these minute actions compound into significant strides over time.

### S.M.A.R.T Networking

Not all networking needs to be face-to-face. Virtual events have become more prevalent, offering a new vein of networking opportunities that can be just as effective as in-person ones. Additionally, focus on networking within three spheres: your industry, where your clients are, and where you're challenged to grow.

### Content is Key

Creating content, be it for your podcast or any other platform, should be approached with intentionality. Curate content that resonates with your audience and adds value to their lives or businesses. Remember that your content is often the bridge connecting you to your next client or collaborator.

### Accountability is Your Ally

Make commitments and follow through. Whether it's to yourself, your team, or your audience, being accountable ensures that you do what you say you're going to do. It's the difference between aspiring and actually achieving.

Shannon's overarching message is to create habits centered around incremental progress. It's not about the grand gestures or sporadic bouts of productivity; it's the daily, purposeful actions, no matter how small they seem, that build a thriving business.

Finally, in addition to these habit-forming activities, Shannon underscores the importance of setting up your business on solid footing. She offers invaluable resources like the 'Small Business Starter Kit' to eliminate guesswork and ensure entrepreneurs are on the right path legally and financially.

As you gear up to infuse your business with sustainable growth habits, ponder on what micro-actions you can integrate into your habits this week. Stay proactive, stay consistent, and like Shannon, keep what you earn, growing it step by consistent step.

What you'll hear in this episode:

05:30 Attend in-person networking events for professional growth.
08:04 For business development, create intentional habits locally.

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