Blue Oceans are All Around Us

Blue Oceans are All Around Us

podcast start - mind over money Feb 26, 2024

In a recent episode of Keep What You Earn, Shannon shared some fascinating insights from her experience living in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. She delved into the concept of "blue ocean" and "red ocean" markets, offering an intriguing perspective on entrepreneurial opportunities and market potential. The episode shed light on the untapped opportunities that exist beyond familiar territories and the value of expanding our mindset to identify new avenues for business growth.

Shannon's experience in Costa Rica highlighted the stark differences between blue ocean and red ocean markets. She eloquently explained how a blue ocean represents an untapped market ripe with opportunities, while a red ocean signifies oversaturation in an existing industry or market. Through her anecdotes about the scarcity of certain foods and products in Costa Rica, she vividly illustrated the concept of blue oceans and the entrepreneurial ventures that thrive in such unique environments.

One of the standout examples Shannon shared was a local entrepreneur who started a business making bagels – a product not readily available in Costa Rica. Despite the ubiquity of bagel shops in the U.S., the scarcity of this product in Costa Rica transformed it into a highly sought-after commodity. This narrative served as a compelling illustration of the potential for success in a blue ocean market, where a product or service that may be commonplace elsewhere can become a rarity and thus, a highly profitable venture.

Shannon also emphasized the importance of reevaluating our ideal customer base and considering new geographical locations. She highlighted the benefits of identifying unmet needs in different markets and tailor-fitting products or services to cater to those specific demands. Her example of introducing technology, such as an appointment booking software, to local businesses in Costa Rica underscored the potential for business growth by identifying and addressing distinct market needs.

Furthermore, Shannon's episode serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs at various stages of their business journey. She addressed common hesitations and hurdles that individuals face when starting a business, stressing the significance of setting up a business correctly and ensuring legal and financial compliance. Shannon's actionable advice was complemented by her offer of resources, including a mindset refresh, a business financial quick starter course, a tax deduction guide, a money pro matchmaker, and a cash flow forecasting mini-course, all of which are invaluable tools for new and established business owners seeking to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.

Ultimately, Shannon's insights from her time in Costa Rica reverberate with entrepreneurs and business owners, urging them to look beyond saturated markets and conventional customer bases for the untapped potential in blue ocean opportunities. Her thought-provoking episode inspires the exploration of new markets and the adaptation of products and services to fulfill unmet needs, ultimately paving the way for innovative entrepreneurial endeavors.

In conclusion, Shannon’s episode on Keep What You Earn presents a compelling narrative on the significance of blue ocean opportunities in the world of business. Her reflections on the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape in Costa Rica underscore the transformative potential of identifying and tapping into untapped markets. As entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s imperative to heed Shannon’s advice and look beyond familiar horizons to uncover new business prospects and embrace the vitality of blue ocean opportunities.

In light of her episode, we are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, a journey that encourages us to expand our entrepreneurial horizons and explore the vast ocean of untapped potential that awaits beyond the saturated markets of today. Shannon’s wisdom imparts a fresh perspective on business and market potential, offering a guiding light for those seeking to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with ingenuity and insight.

Let us heed Shannon’s call and embark on a journey of exploration, innovation, and opportunity, as we set sail to conquer the boundless blue oceans that await us in the world of business.

What you'll hear in this episode:

03:40 Unique homemade bagel shop with exclusive sales.
09:23 Open your mind to new markets.

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