3 Voices You Need to Silence to Succeed

3 Voices You Need to Silence to Succeed

podcast start - mind over money Apr 01, 2024

In a recent episode of the "Keep What You Earn" podcast, Shannon delved into the daunting world of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mind. At the heart of the discussion was the concept of silencing inner voices that can hinder success as an entrepreneur. Shannon outlined the three key voices that entrepreneurs need to silence in order to thrive in their ventures. Let's deep dive into these and explore practical strategies for managing them.

First, Shannon discussed the detrimental impact of comparison. As entrepreneurs, it's easy to fall into the trap of comparing our progress to that of others, especially in the age of social media where success stories are abundant. Shannon emphasized the importance of recognizing that everyone is on their unique journey. Instead of envying someone else's chapter 21 when you're only on chapter one, it's vital to embrace your current stage and focus on the actionable steps to progress. By reframing one's mindset from envy to inspiration, individuals can extract valuable insights from those ahead of them and use them as learning opportunities rather than sources of discouragement.

To combat the overwhelming feeling of comparison, Shannon suggested practical strategies, such as creating a dedicated space for consuming inspirational content, isolating oneself from triggers of comparison, and approaching others' successes with a learning mindset.

Next, Shannon delved into the voice of overwhelm, a common struggle for many entrepreneurs, especially those transitioning from corporate environments where busyness is often glorified. She discussed the detrimental impact of constantly operating at full capacity and the need for incorporating margin and rest in one’s professional life. Shannon shared her personal realization of the addiction to busyness and the subsequent transformation after embracing the concept of buffer days, focus days, and free days. By adopting a strategic approach to time management and being intentional about creating space for rest and opportunities, entrepreneurs can effectively combat the voice of overwhelm.

Finally, Shannon tackled the fear of making someone else feel bad. She highlighted the importance of fostering assertiveness and making tough decisions, such as letting go of underperforming team members, without being crippled by the fear of disappointing or hurting others. Her candid sharing of the emotional weight lifted post-making such challenging decisions underscored the significance of prioritizing the business's well-being over unnecessary guilt and emotional burdens.

Shannon also discussed the importance of learning to say “no” and emphasized the need to set realistic boundaries to avoid overcommitting and spreading oneself too thin. By mastering the art of diplomatically declining opportunities that don’t align with their current priorities or values, entrepreneurs can regain control over their time and energy, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness and overall well-being.

In conclusion, Shannon’s insights serve as a powerful reminder to aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike. By silencing the voices of comparison, overwhelm, and fear of making someone else feel bad, individuals can pave the way for a more focused, balanced, and successful entrepreneurial journey. Recognizing that these voices are common challenges for many in the business world, Shannon’s practical strategies and candid personal experiences offer valuable guidance for entrepreneurs striving to silence these voices and thrive in their ventures.

Moreover, her emphasis on the importance of rest, intentional decision-making, and the assertive articulation of boundaries provides a holistic approach to fostering a healthy entrepreneurial mindset. As entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of their business ventures, incorporating these strategies can foster resilience, clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose on their journey towards success.

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What you'll hear in this episode:

06:14 Avoid overworking, embrace free space for balance.
08:27 Slow down, schedule free, buffer, focus days.
12:44 Let go of fear to move forward.
14:23 Setting clear boundaries for social and business interactions.
18:55 Prioritize relationships and opportunities for success.

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