Ca$h Flow Forecast Template

Evaluate Your Cash Flow for Business Longevity

by Shannon Weinstein, CPA

Ca$hflow Forecast Template (Instant Access) + Workshop Replay

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Meet Shannon

A teacher at heart, Shannon found herself excelling in the accounting world, but wanted to fulfill a burning desire to empower small business owners through knowledge of the financial aspects of business.

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Programs & Courses

Business Financial Quickstarter

Jump start your business to financial success.

Get guidance on setup steps for your LLC, bank and credit card accounts as well as tax planning tools and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas and questions.

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S-Corp Success Plan

You're working hard. Why not keep more of what you earn?

If you're a business owner making at least $50,000/yr in profit, you're likely leaving thousands of dollars on the table if you haven't yet elected S Corp for your business.

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How to Pay Yourself

For the S or C Corp Owner

This mini-course teaches you how to compute your reasonable salary and run payroll as an owner of an S or C Corp.

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Endless Cash

How to Grow your Cash Flow for Business Longevity

This mini-course teaches you how to forecast your cash flow and cash needs.

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