What is an Asset vs an Expense?

What is an Asset vs an Expense?

basic podcast Jun 02, 2023

This discussion aims to shed light on a seldom asked but valuable question, aiming to provide business owners with a comprehensive understanding of their expense options.

Many business owners commonly opt for deducting the entire amount of an expense in a single year. However, it is crucial to note that if a particular purchase could be categorized as an asset, spreading the expense over multiple years becomes a viable option. This approach can effectively alleviate your tax burden over time. 

By strategically considering the classification of expenses, you can optimize your tax liabilities and better manage your financial resources.


The key takeaways from this episode are:

1.The significance of expense classification: Understanding the difference between expenses and assets is crucial for business owners. While many opt for deducting expenses in a single year, it's important to consider if a purchase can be categorized as an asset. This allows for the spreading of expenses over multiple years, providing a strategic approach to alleviate tax burdens gradually.
2. Optimizing tax liabilities through asset classification: By strategically classifying expenses as assets, business owners can optimize their tax liabilities. Spreading out expenses over time, also known as depreciation, can effectively manage tax obligations and provide financial flexibility.
3. Intangible assets and their impact: The episode also explores intangible assets in business. Understanding the nature and implications of intangible assets can help business owners maximize their tax deductions and make informed decisions regarding their financial resources.


What you’ll hear in this episode:
[1:25] Defining what an expense is in your business.
[1:56] Defining what an asset is in your business.
[3:00] The importance of spreading a purchase over multiple years, AKA depreciation.
[4:50] What is the safe harbor threshold?
[6:15] What are the benefits of you understanding assets vs expenses in your own business so you can help maximize your tax deductions?
[7:09] What are intangible assets in your business?


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