Designing Systems to Scale with Ernesto Mandowsky

Designing Systems to Scale with Ernesto Mandowsky

cfo podcast Jan 19, 2023

What do you know about system implementation in your business? A lot of people don't realize that they need certain systems within their business until it's too late.

Ernesto Mandowsky is the CEO of CPD Advisors. With a degree in Systems Engineering and over a decade of developing technology solutions at companies like Deloitte Consulting, Meyers USA, and The Palm, Ernesto is an expert in designing systems to help leaders scale their organizations.

Ernesto helps early-stage founders transform their operations by designing business systems utilizing his proprietary 6P Playbook. Outside of his work with founders, Ernesto is passionate about building a sustainable entrepreneurship community.

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"Nothing should be an accident in your business. It takes an unbelievable, unfathomable amount of consciousness and awareness to get to that level of detail." - Ernesto Mandowsky


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What is a system and what does it mean?
  • Nothing should be an accident in your business.
  • Why people pleasing is self-sabotaging and where it comes from.
  • What are some of the key systems that have been game changers for your business?
  • Delivering an exceptional experience means doing the homework.
  • What are the key elements that someone should have in a SOP or playbook?
  • The importance of taking payment before you start.
  • Ask as many questions as you can about your business as possible.


Here are some brief snippets from this episode:

Ernesto Mandowsky is the CEO of CPD Advisors. He helps early stage founders transform their operations by designing business systems using his proprietary six P playbook. What can you do right now to help avoid burnout by installing key systems in your business?

Ernesto: I worked at McDonald's for six years, and that's where I learned so much about systems and operations. We're going to talk about systems for the businesses of our listeners.

A system is made up of your people, of a playbook and a tool or software. I hear entrepreneurs all the time saying, I need to build systems in my business. How do you know when you have that? Everyone has a different path.

Consistency of offer is so important to growing and having longevity in your business. One of the biggest challenges is when you have an offer that is not consistent across your customers offers, pricing and delivery.

Ask yourself, why are you people pleasing? Yes. For me, the awakening moment was I finally hired my first kind of operations manager. It's super important to have consistency, which is why we hire a team around us to support us in being consistent.

The best kindling for the fire of your growth is customer experience and customer service. The first system to focus on is delivery of your service. Reading the feedback on a weekly or monthly basis is probably the most important system you could design and integrate.

So client experience is huge. Clients and employees eventually, you build a team. In the feedback loop and all of that stuff, too. You really have to be open to hearing it and being able to implement it.

Don't ever shame your clients for sending Venmo messages or bookkeeping in a certain way. Help clients realize themselves why what they're doing is so inefficient. Use questions to get them to realize.

Start with the end in mind. What's the starting point, and what are the steps to go through? I learned this from my auditing days and doing process improvement consulting. You have to build for the scenarios that are the unplanned, or that won't happen.

Ernesto is offering you a free consultation call. I have a website, Hit that link in the Show notes and go check out Ernesto and schedule a free call with him.


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