Creating Community in Your Business with Teri Yu

Creating Community in Your Business with Teri Yu

business podcast sales Jun 01, 2023

I am sitting down with Teri Yu, a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in product development. Having previously worked at Asana and Microsoft, Teri brings a deep understanding of these fields to her endeavors. As a the founder of her startup Vibely, she successfully raised over $2.5 million and sold her company to the creators powerhouse Kajabi. 

Teri shares her journey of founding Vibely and the inspiration behind it. She shares the successes and mistakes she made along the way, providing valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. She also shares her reasoning behind sticking with Kajabi after the sale of Vibely rather than selling it outright. 

Additionally, Teri discusses the key factors that contribute to high engagement in a community platform. Teri highlights the top factors that lead to success for creators, as well as common mistakes made by less successful ones. 

If you have ever considered building a digital community, this episode has all of the information that you need to get started successfully.


The key takeaways from this episode are: 

1. Teri Yu's entrepreneurial journey: Teri, a serial entrepreneur with experience at Asana and Microsoft, shares her inspiring journey of founding Vibely, raising over $2.5 million, and eventually selling the company to Kajabi.
2. Factors for high engagement in community platforms: Teri discusses the crucial elements that contribute to high engagement in community platforms, highlighting success factors for creators and common mistakes made by less successful ones.
3. Kajabi's focus and customer feedback: Teri explains her decision to continue working with Kajabi after selling Vibely and discusses the problems Kajabi is currently addressing based on customer feedback, offering insights into their customer-centric approach.


What you’ll hear in this episode:
[2:51] Who is Teri and how did she end up in her current role?
[4:00] What inspired Teri to start Vibely originally?
[7:40] What were some successes and mistakes that Teri made along the way when creating vibely?
[10:50] What influenced Teri's decision to continue to work with her product after selling to a larger company as opposed to selling it outright. 
[16:52] What are some of the factors that contribute to high engagement in a community type platform?
[19:58] How do the call to actions and challenges within the community drive engagement?
[20:51] What are some of the top factors that successful creators have and what are some mistakes you see with less successful creators?
[25:30] What are some unique success stories where people have been able to capitalize on the community platform?
[28:55] How much effort should a creator put in on the front end of creating a digital community?
[34:10] What are some of the problems that are being solved right now at Kajabi based on customer feedback?


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