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Content Creation Hacks with Kali Lee

podcast sales Jan 17, 2023

Kali Lee is the founder of Kurate Creative, where she helps entrepreneurs market and scale their businesses. Kurate is our social media management agency! Kali and her team help manage the flow and distribution of so much of our social content. Today we're talking about that process, tips to create your own quality social content, and how to outsource effectively when you're ready.

If your social media has started to feel like a chore instead of an exciting opportunity, this one's for you. The key is to create content that can easily be repurposed. A podcast becomes a blog, which becomes a series of social media posts, and so on. You have to keep the process fun too! Create a plan and a structure to your process that helps you get more creative. Tune in for all of Kali's top tips.


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Kali's background and how she got started in marketing.
  • Where does Kali's passion for marketing come from?
  • How to inject more fun into the process of content creation.
  • Tips on how to be more consistent with your posts.
  • What’s the difference between content creation and engagement?
  • How should you direct your content based on the client that shows up on each platform?
  • How to use LinkedIn to grow your network.
  • Why it’s important to be clear about your intent purpose and messaging on social.


Here are some brief snippets from this episode:

As entrepreneurs, we always want to find ways to compress more time. Kali Lee is the founder of Kurate Creative, a social media management agency. She shares her tips and tricks on the best ways to create your own content. Also shares tips on how to outsource effectively.

Kali, I'm so excited to have you on the show and share you with the world. But as you know, I always begrudgingly share you because that means I have to share you. I wrote a testimonial for Kali because she's my social media manager. It's my favorite.

Kali lee of Kurate creative was a dancer from the time she was three to 18. She majored in marketing before launching her own business. She says her work ethic and discipline are something to be highly valued.

Marketing is definitely my best route just in terms of what my strong suits are. I love helping people. I'm creative and I think marketing is just like the perfect thing. With a lot of pressure right now, people are thinking they have to do so much more than they probably need to.

Business owners are super hesitant to repurpose content. If you don't see yourself doing it long-term, just outsource it. Start small actionable steps towards getting to your goal eventually.

A big thing for me and for a lot of my clients is making time blocks where you're dedicated in that time block to specifically creating content. Go into it with a plan but allow for creative freedom.

Just sit down for 20 minutes and scroll through TikTok. Don't be afraid to repost that or reshoot it and post it in a different way. Be more social on social media. You don't have to be the creator. You can also be the curator.

We use an app called CapCut for all of the caption editing for clients and ourselves. Having everything organized in one central location is super beneficial. What other tips do you have for compressing the time?

Third-party scheduling platforms, like Later Publisher, do actually impact engagement. What really needs to happen is when you're posting, you need to be engaging. We never do engagement for clients, because it's the business of trust.

How to showcase yourself as a brand, your lifestyle, thoughtfully, and balancing that with stuff that's direct value driven for your customer.

In the app there is a new feature called topics, which in my opinion will take over hashtags. Instagram is definitely lacking in its searchability. They're transitioning more away from hashtags and more into keywords and more like SEO type.

Business owners should be repurposing their Instagram reels to other platforms. LinkedIn is a good place for business owners to grow their networks. YouTube shorts are going to be blowing up a little bit more over the next few months.

Are you in the camp of picking a platform and going all in, or do everything as much as possible? Where are you kind of on that spectrum? I don't think that it's possible really for one person to establish a presence in like a million different directions. It's too much.

I'm a big fan of outsourcing before you're ready. It's important to be super clear about your intent, purpose, and message. To get the best value out of a social media team, invest in your messaging.


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